Project Name

Branding Europe

  • Project Type

    Identity Design

Project Details

This is an identity design project on Europe. It was accomplished through a team work. The process of branding Europe started with a deep research on different aspects of the continent. The main purpose was finding common characteristics that can unify the continent. Subsequently, the focus became the maps of European cities, since most of them have similar circular layouts. The layouts of the cities led us to a deeper research on Europe’s city building knowledge. Finally, we came up with the idea of branding Europe under its urban knowledge that comes from the history, since the settlement of first city structures. We found an institute that can represent Europe’s urban planning expertise to the world. IUPI (International Urban Planning Institute) is an institute about European urban planning. It cosists of the consultancy, the institute and the museum.  It is a place for learning, sharing and exploring the knowledge of European urban planning. The visual language came out as overlap of layers, since layers exist both in city structures and in urban planning profession.



Three Columns